Target 20,000 – time to go ?

65milesSo we go to Scunthorpe with what could well be described a weakened side – in fact quite a few on Twitter had given up before the tweet announcing the team was even cold – but ultimately I think, a good point and a clean sheet against a side who were top of the table and had been scoring for fun in previous games.

If fact, for the want of a bit of composure (although he’d only been on a handful of minutes) Jordan Botaka might have won it and for the want of an inch or two, Johnnie Jackson’s last second free kick might have taken all three points.

All in all, I was pretty happy with that performance, especially after the ‘performance’ against AFC Wimbledon and so we all start looking forward to this weekend and Oxford Utd away.

Well played to all those going today … we’ve sold out the away end which is great so hopefully the travelling support will be rewarded with a an equally great performance.

Unfortunately, while the majority of us were looking forward to the upcoming weekend, the end of the week became somewhat soured when the news of the Target 20K meeting with Roly came out on Twitter.

As much better summed up elsewhere … Hungry Ted does a pretty good job on his blog … Target 20K seem to be a bit of a faceless group who somehow have managed to get the ear of Ms Meire.

Quite how this has occurred is the cause of concern amongst a large number of concerned fans as Katrien, as we know, is more than happy to keep her distance with anyone thought to have a grievance over the manner in which she and her guvnor are running (ha ha – sarcasm) the club.

“Apparently” the arrival of Roly was a surprise to those attending, but what was no surprise is that he dropped another small percentage bomb on everyone – pretty much saying that Charlton is 1.5% of his empire and that’s why he’s not that bothered about it.

Clearly to anyone with half a clue about football, at least in England knows that an owner either is 100% involved or has a group of people employed to fulfil that percentage requirement.

We don’t !

We have a woman who seems to to trying to further her career – which would be nice if she could further it by getting another job somewhere else – and a very small collection of apparent lackeys who are so desperate to stay in Roly’s employ that they go along with everything he (and she) asks of them.

For Target 20K to have a meeting with the owner, then not want to tell anyone about the content and then almost enforce the resignation of at one member when she had the “audacity” to actually talk about some of what went on pangs of collusion with an management team that have no intention of actually working with, or improving communications with supporters.

And so I return to the title of this post.  Target 20,000 … I think it’s time you either came out and told us what it’s all about – or pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, smile and be on your way !

More importantly, we’ve got a game today – three points would be nice.

C’mon you reds !!

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