Time to go Katrien … your platitudes are worth nothing !!

65milesWell, that’s it …. we’re in League One next season.

Thanks Roland, thanks Katrien and thanks Richard, you have confirmed what we all thought, you really are a clueless trio with no feeling for this club whatsoever.

Richard Murray is at the top of my list of three because he knows (or did once) what it means to be a Charlton fan.  RD & KM must have studied at the school of Derren Brown because Murray has gone from being what I thought was Charlton to the core into just another lackey of the Duchatelet regime.

As for Katrien Meire, how she can force herself out of bed in the morning when members of her senior management team are jumping ship without wondering whether it might just be something she was doing wrong, I don’t know.

Then again, when she has creeps like Mandy Anderson-Myers telling her what a wonderful job she’s doing, maybe it is them and not her after all.

But enough of all this depressing stuff …. let’s talk about the football !

Oh, yeah, forgot that’s been pretty depressing too.

Since last time I posted we played quite well at QPR but got done in the last minute (again), having gone behind in injury time in the first half too.  Play until the end lads, don’t stop at 45 !!

That made Derby at home an absolutely must-win game …. an we didn’t !!!  Conceding a goal after an hour having missed two great chances was typical of this season and even though Jorge’s header was disallowed – and would have been in any other game in England because we are such blouses where keepers are concerned (and I was one) – we never really looked like getting back into the game.

After the game there was quite a bit of moaning about the lack of protests, but fair play to CARD, it was Charlton Upbeats Day and too much protesting would have taken the shine off what was firstly a great day for them and secondly another huge tick in the positives column for the Community Trust – something Ms Meire hasn’t been able to f*** up !!

Bit of a shame that some of our players haven’t shown the same level of enthusiasm !!

So, almost definitely down, needing maximum points from our last four games, Bolton (bottom) and helpfully Brighton (top three), Leeds (top half) and Burnley (top two).

Pretty screwed all round then !!

Last night a band of brave souls travelled to Bolton (I wasn’t one of them) to see the final nail in the coffin and saw us, according to most reports I’ve read, go down with a whimper.

A twitter follower of mine posted this to me …




Sums it all up really.

While I have absolutely no problem whatsoever laying the overall blame at the ‘Door of Duchatelet’, playing the team who are bottom of the league table and mustering just two shots on target is not the way it should be done.

My local side, Colchester Utd are probably on their way out of League One but at least they are having a go – they just can’t defend in the last five minutes of games.  They are also second bottom, also have played 43, with a minus 37 goal difference, whereas we have a minus 36.

The difference is that they have scored 54 goals while we have only managed 37.  Two teams in the top six in league one have actually scored less than Colchester, Burton are second having scored only 52 while Bradford are fifth scoring 48 !!

Winning games is all about the defending – but as I said just up there, they are having a go – seven shots on target in their last game.

Have our players given up ?  Too many for me … but I’m not going to say who I think had or hadn’t … next season is all about the recruitment programme.

That said, the recruitment programme will only change if those in charge of it also change.  Offering ridiculous contracts to nothing players and signing them based on how good they are on Championship Manager is not, as the majority, but alas not those who make the decisions, know how these things are done.

Not having a chief scout for half a season has been ludicrous, but then so, so many of the decisions regarding our club have been since Mad Roly bought his new toy.

I’m depressing myself again and I have tonight’s Charlton Live show still to listen to.

To finish on a slightly lighter note, nice to see Barry ‘I’ve fallen’ Bannon feeling the need to comment on our relegation, only to realise he might have been a silly billy and deleted it again.

Unfortunately people are too quick to screen shot just in case and so his tweet will live a lot longer than he probably hopes.

So, in a moment of patronage to his Bazzaness ….. I present, in all it’s continuous looping-ness, Tareiq Holmes-Dennis and Barry Bannon in “Done like a kipper !!”




Time !!

Saturday will not be a fun day …. I’m quite looking forward to it !!

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