Planning for relegation yet Katrien ?

65milesSo, in any other season, a point at Portman Road would be considered a pretty good result.

Alas, as we all know {… meaning everyone but RD, KM and their brown-nosing lackey-brigade …} that this is NOT ‘any other season’ and so only a point at Ipswich is really another nail in the almost fully closed Championship coffin.

But before I go too much into Ipswich away, we must go back in time just a little to the previous Saturday and those few minutes where we all forgot about the trials, tribulations and troubles caused by our ‘ownership team’.

An opening salvo of ‘stress balls’ in the form of miniature footballs hurled onto the pitch brought a rapid halt to play within seconds of the opening whistle and brought the stewards out to clear them away.

Fair play to whoever it was who collected them up and will be donating them to local schools – hopefully when Katrien invites another load of school-kids to a freebie to falsely boost crowd numbers, they can all bring the balls back and stage a ‘child-friendly’ re-enactment !!

Almost all the players (from both sides) joined in the ‘big tidy’ with Michael Morrison calling one of the ‘ball-boys’ to help, only to be advised quite politely by said ball-boy that he had been told that he wasn’t allowed to enter the pitch – so didn’t !

Just a quicky here, and while I’m not at all happy with the manner in which he left, and even less with the amount we now know he actually went for, Michael Morrison isn’t that good a defender, especially when he’s got someone with any sort of pace against him.

To be fair, he wasn’t at all bad in a Charlton shirt by any means, I’d rather have him than John Terry for a start (but then I’d have Gary Doherty back before I’d have John Terry), but he wasn’t going to get much of a sniff with Ben Haim and Bikey playing well at the beginning of that season.

Strange to see that the squad lists were up on the big screen, apparently following a consultation and number of conversations with Target 2000, for a trial run – but as that had been the norm for too many season to remember before they came along with their stupid ‘live feed’ idea, I can’t see how much of a ‘trial’ was actually necessary.

Also strange to see that this ‘decision’ was made on the same day that CARD had produced another ‘free’ programme with the squads on it !!

Then again, the club couldn’t manage to mark the goalscorers (or for that matter the players with a yellow card) on the screen, so ultimately, still some work to do there.

Maybe, and this is just a suggestion, lose the ridiculous adverts for ‘a pie and a pint’ at the bottom of the screen.

This does not encourage anyone to go and get one – most of us are still avoiding buying food in the ground and those who do clearly earn much more than I do – and it takes up space from information we’d like to see on there !

The telephone number possible investors can call to hire a billboard perhaps ??!!

Anyway, we conceded despite having much more of the ball and chances but this time we didn’t fold and thanks to some good play by Harriott to smuggle the ball out from under his prone bottom as he sat on it in the ‘D’, forcing it back to JBG and a great strike took a flick off Old Man Robinson to find the corner and bring us level.

I have to say, having looked at the highlights, I’m quite glad that Callum fell over / lost his footing / stumbled (take your pick) because he was coming back onto his right foot and as he’s already had his one good touch with that foot already this season, things might not have turned out quite so well.

Alas we had no Reza so were forced to bring on Lookman at half-time for the somewhat ineffective Suk-Young and had the better of the second half with a couple of excellent chances before Jorge came up trumps at the death with a header at the far stick to send us all a little bit loopy !!

The team ? Well, I thought Pope, Cousins, Diarra, Fanni and Igor were all very good, with the rest not far behind.

Did the presence of Johnnie Jackson and the late introduction of Big Mak take away the attentions of the Birmingham defence from Jorge ? Who cares ? He scored !!!

There were a good half-dozen empty seats next to us in the East Stand, which is always good for celebration runs but as the goal went in, my brother set off up the gap, leaving me to do some bizarre kind of lunging-punching celebration – which hopefully wasn’t caught on camera anywhere.

And ha-ha-ha to City keeper Tomas Kuszczak, who after sarcastically clapping the Covered End earlier, looked like a bit of a dick when Jorge’s header went past him to take all three points !!

And so we all left the Valley with hopes rising just a little, only to be brought crashing back down with the nil-nil at Ipswich and results yet again going against us.

There is still hope, but not much. Getting anything less than a win at QPR and I might just say that’s it !!

Obviously that actually won’t be quite it – but if results go against us again then the light will be fading fast.

So, back to Ipswich. Or not, as it happened, as we decided against it due to the ridiculous cost of the ticket. Having not bought one in advance, paying an extra £2.50 to make it the round thirty-five quid for a ticket to sit ‘up the corner’ was just too much, especially as Sheff Wed was only twenty quid the fortnight before.

But nice to see that we’ve been done as badly at QPR (£35) and Leeds (an even more ridiculous £37). The sooner some form of price cap comes in for away tickets the better.

Bizarre that it already has in the Prem which is usually the place where ALL common sense goes out the window.

But we support Charlton, where there currently is absolutely no common sense whatsoever, so what do we know ?

Nice to see that we are now looking to appoint a chief scout – err, horse, bolted, stable door, etc etc.

The added comedy of the new fans email account is almost worthy of its own show on Dave with cutting and pasting seemingly the order of the day in this new department as we receive what I see as condescending platitudes in abundance. {… Condescending platitudes meaning media friendly bollocks !! …}

Moving on, I found a photo from way back (well, the mid-nineties at any rate) of my daughter in her first Charlton kit.


One can only think she may have had some sort of psychic ability back then – because twenty years later her expression pretty much sums up what it’s like to be a Charlton fan at the moment.

So, prediction for tomorrow ? If Diarra plays then maybe, just maybe, a win.

If not, then we might scrape a draw.

C’mon you Reds !!!

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